In 1991, Still The One was awarded for two million airplays. In this photo, BMI’s Bobby Weinstein presents us with the certificates onstage at the Bearsville Theater in Bearsville, New York.

Our friend and colleague, Robbie Dupree, together with his company Golden Triangle (Yoshi Nagato and Bob Jeniker) organized an invitation-only event honoring the band’s twenty-year history. The band played for an audience made up of people who had been part of our lives all along the way.  

In case you’re wondering, John is not wearing velvet pants--that texture is water, or more precisely sweat. The presentation was done halfway through one evening’s concert.

John’s performances were athletic in nature, and he’d end drenched. Towels were always in the rider. Those concerts were also recorded and released in a deluxe edition that none of us own anymore. Any copies out there?